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Why wash the car frequently? That's it! !

   Car wash is not because the car is dirty, but to protect the paint.

   You may often see such a scene: when it rains, after some cars are drenched by rain, water drops will appear on the body. On the contrary, some cars rained on the painted surface and spread it. Why is this?

   Actually, those car owners who pay attention to keeping their cars will often wash their cars so that they can keep the car body smooth. And those vehicles that are not often cleaned because the car body itself has accumulated a thick layer of dust, and the rain will not only get dirty, it will also accelerate the acid rain to erode the paint surface of the car body.

   In the car wash process, the choice of car wash liquid is also critical.

  Professional car wash is the foundation of car wash. The so-called professional car wash liquid refers to a neutral car wash liquid with a pH value of approximately 7.

   At present, most of the irregular car wash spots on the market use acid-base cleaners. The acid cleaner damages the car body directly and quickly, and it will quickly penetrate into the paint and corrode the car body.

  The damage to the paint of the car by alkaline cleaner is chronic. Although it sometimes makes the car body appear brighter, it will gradually become dull and dull over time.

What's more, in order to save costs, some car wash shops directly use detergent and detergent to wash the car. This damages the car paint is particularly serious. After a few times, the car body will be dull and lose its original vividness. luster.

   What we should pay attention to is that the key to car washing is not beauty.

   Many people, especially in winter, the car body is full of snow after it snows, but because it still snows the next day or a few days later, they simply don’t wash the car because they think it’s dirty anyway. After the above analysis, we should notice the true meaning of car washing. Furthermore, you must go to a regular car wash shop to do maintenance for your car, otherwise such maintenance is actually harmful to the car.

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